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I am still not over it to this day but I have since learnt how to control my feelings and it’s healthy to be upset sometimes because nobody can be strong all the time.I started getting better emotionally so I started to look for a job and WOW the amount of jobs I applied for was ridiculous but every employer was looking for people who already had ‘proper’ qualifications, not a school leaver with 5 GCSEs.The night before I couldn’t sleep and then we had to wait all day and night because the coach wasn’t coming until midnight, I couldn’t stop shaking, couldn’t stop speaking, I must have smoked at least 40 fags that day, I really didn’t know what to do with myself.We finally got on the plane and being stuck in between TWO Lucy’s that are both scared of flying?It got to the point where I just gave up on looking. Don’t be so stupid things like that don’t happen to people like me.Until one day one of the PCSOs Samantha Johnson told me about these interviews for a trip to Africa. But I went to the interview, with nerves almost as big as the butterflies going crazy in my stomach and a few hours later “BAM”.. “Chanty, you’re coming to Africa” I was left speechless, it all felt like one big dream and I was waiting to get awoken.I came out with 5 GCSEs, first aid qualifications and my ASDAN BRONZE AWARD, which shocked many people, including myself.While my exams were on the horizon I moved into an all girls hostel which wasn’t too bad at first but then I got kicked out the month after I lost my great-grandmother as I never went there for two weeks.

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We had six weeks of training prior to the trip, which helped loads!

Not just for experience but also for knowledge, I learnt a lot about the issues that are going on all over the world right now.

Every single day until the day we were actually leaving I prepared myself for the worst, I told myself it was all a joke and I wasn’t going to Africa really it was all going to be a joke.

I was so nervous, my suitcases were packed three weeks before we even went!

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