Advice for dating shy guys

My recommendation is to be in the moment—be spontaneous, not rehearsed.

And be real—true to yourself and the things you care about.

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It starts with the fact that he is a great listener and a compassionate companion.

The best conversations aren’t ones where you talk about movies and TV and books and music, but about your ideas and feelings in the moment—about what it’s like to experience this odd life. It’s about sparking empathy as well as interesting conversation.

Gauge your partner’s enthusiasm and participation level; great sex comes when both partners are communicating and on the same page.♦◊♦PUAs use neuro-linguistic programming tactics, a part of cognitive behavioral therapy, to manipulate women through verbal ticks, pauses, body language …” or “You look like trouble.” To which, four years ago, I would be like, “No, I’m ‘&Hearts’; ‘Trouble’ is Katie’s My Space name.I think she’s here, though.”♦◊♦It can be hard keeping a conversation going.At times, we are all going to mess up, say something stupid (), and blow an opportunity (whether real or imagined).Pickup artistry might temporarily mask your insecurity, but it won’t address it in any meaningful way.

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