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Once at home, you should rest for the remainder of the day. One of our doctors will see you the day after surgery to remove the eye patch and examine your eye. We will give you additional medications that you will need to put in your eye for the next week or two.

If both eyes have cataracts and the vision in one eye is worse, Dr. You will arrive at Brevard Surgery Center about an hour before the procedure.The Crystalens is a new technology that is designed to mimic the eye’s natural ability to focus on distant, middle and near objects.Used in conjunction with standard cataract extraction methods, the Crystalens can restore a full range of functional vision, from distance to reading vision without total dependence on glasses or contact lenses.It is interesting to note that many people, who have not had surgery, are not able to see 20/20 at both near and far even with glasses or contact lenses.This is due to a variety of ocular and physiological problems as well as lifestyle preferences, yet most of these people function quite normally although their vision is reduced.

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In addition, the quality of vision compared to wearing trifocals is significantly improved.

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