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You can use the package for 1GB for 30 days from the day of the first transmission, and the package for 2GB until the end of the third month after the day of the first transmission.

However, the SIM card becomes invalid when you run out of data capacity.

Regardless of whether you are able to use this product or not (including whether you have received delivery or not), the service will start on the Service Start Date.

Once an order is completed, we will not provide refunds or cancel orders for any reason.

The following frequencies and bandwidths are supported. LTE: Band 1 (2,100 MHz) / Band 19 (800 MHz) / Band 21 (1,500 MHz) / Band 3 (1,800 MHz; only available in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya metropolitan regions) 3G: Band 1 (2,100 MHz) / Band 6/19 (800 MHz)Contact the IIJ Support Center and tell them the serial number of your SIM card and the telephone number.

* You can find the serial number and the telephone number on the card included in the package from which you detached the SIM card.

Follow the settings for the device you are using to register user information to use the device.

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NTT docomo's roaming partner ( You'll jump to docomo's page.

Click the PDF link and find your mobile phone carrier) Or have Japanese Technical Conformity Mark on your device.

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To avoid this, you can use the Submission Port to send emails from the network environment of the service.

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