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Sadly, garland was one of the many women he'd married to keep up the charade.Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Garland's fourth husband, Mark Herron, was gay, as well.King from an otherwise excellent news program, the only one left I might add.I was amazed at the immeasurable self-control of Jeff Glor today!!There wasspeculation when he later died from complications of AIDS.Sadly, Berenson was one of the many victims to die in the wake of 9/11 on American Airlines flight 11.Bill then fled the arena in a Secret Service helicopter.

As flamboyant as he was, we're not sure that he was actually in the closet but that's what we'll call it for the moment.She joined WFSB in Hartford in 1981 and worked there for 18 years as news reporter and anchor.Fight 1: Howard Stern release his corrosive flatulence on Kathie Lee Gifford, causing her to be melted.Fight 2: Pam Anderson shoved Ru Paul's shoe through her eye socket. Fight 3: Both Hanson and The Spice Girls are crushed by the light rigging after Marilyn Manson cuts through the supports with a chainsaw.His motive for doing this was explained in a pre-fight interview from earlier in the episode, in which Manson expressed his dislike for both bands.

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