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The first question is whether the scandal can be explained in a one-sentence sound bite.And I don’t think the email scandal does particularly well by that test.We could also see a phenomenon where Republicans are piling on Clinton in every which way, which could increase the amount of sympathy for her.I think the GOP has been pretty smart about not overplaying its hand with the email scandal so far, BTW.But in February, West Hollywood agreed to pay 0,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against the city and Councilman John Duran.The suit was brought on behalf of Ian Owens, whom Duran hired as his deputy after meeting him on Grindr, the smartphone dating app for gay and bisexual men, and then having sex with him.

Duran publicly apologized last month for hiring "a friend," but he has repeatedly denied sexual harassment.

Her favorable ratings have been a bit worse, but she is polling at the same level as the generic Republican (Jeb Bush), which matches up with what you’d expect given the generic presidential ballot and Obama’s approval rating.

natesilver: The email scandal could also matter if it motivates Biden to enter.

Once we get to the general-election phase of the campaign — if she makes it that far — we’ll see Clinton fighting back a little bit more.

For one thing, she’ll have more reflexive support from Democratic elites and Democratic-leaning media outlets, some of whom are rooting for Sanders right now.

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