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There has been a rise in what we deem as “sextortion” cases, where the child is talked into producing and transmitting explicit videos or photos to the person [that’s] either pretending to be a child or grooming the child.Then, these explicit photos are used back against the child to create more photos. The bad guy says, ‘Hey that’s great, I want more.’ The child says, ‘I’m not sure about producing more.’ The guy says, ‘Well if you don’t produce more, I’m gonna send this image to your friends, your family, your school.’ So, then the victim feels embarrassed and obligated to try and keep it quiet.”“Well, it’s not necessarily in one session.It’s become a dangerous doorway through which far too many children have slipped through, never to return.There are more cases of children getting abducted and exploited then you might want to believe.To better understand the reality of this issue, I decided to go straight to the federal agency responsible for investigating these cases – the very heroes that often bust down those doors and save young victims from their captors.I first approached Boston FBI media coordinator Special Agent Greg Comcowich in July of 2012 to see if he could help put me in touch with someone that could assist with this story. He said that this was a topic that is very important to the FBI right now, and one that they work tirelessly to inform the public about.That can happen, but with children that have been at least educated on the process, they can still become victims because they become emotionally attached to the predator.” “I can’t really say that it’s gotten worse or better.There’s such a large volume of predators out there, it’s really astounding.

Unfortunately, there are lots of boogie men in this world of ours, and by opening this portal – this little white box – into the homes of nearly every family throughout the world, we’ve provided those boogie men with a perfect pathway into the minds and hearts of children.Do parents have enough protections in place to keep children safe, or are children provided with open opportunity every day to walk too close to the dangerous jaws of those beasts – predators just waiting for the right opportunity and for the right child.During the last decade or so, I’ve worked as an SEO consultant and have had the dubious pleasure of scouring through some of the words and phrases that people decide to type into that little white box.He immediately put me in touch with Russ Brown, the supervisor of the FBI Cyber Crimes Division in Boston.Our conversation took place via a conference call in October of 2012.

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Then there’s the question of those monsters and demons.

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