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But here in Ottawa, there may be those that do not treat them as well as they should.”The cabbie collapsed in the courtroom during the sentencing hearing, which had to be adjourned for the day.

When it continued the following week, the judge again raised the accused’s religion and appearance. We do not want people saying, ‘I won’t get in a taxi driven by a dark-skinned person.’ That is not fair to the driver who is trying to make a living this way. Therefore, something firm must happen to you.”Singh appealed his conviction and sentence.

On a personal level I feel that this is very misogynistic, I feel that this is a reaction that these men are having because I’m a woman in a position of leadership.

My concerns on this are twofold: first, the issue of student safety in general, and second, that women are not going to feel safe running for positions of leadership on campus.” I think she pretty much hits the nail on the head with that assessment.

The app's "connect lover" feature, which promises a secure connection, lets partners exchange text messages, conduct video chats and control a paired We-Vibe device.

The secret data collection is "highly offensive" because the users' information "reveals intimate private details about their sexual behaviour that they believed were confidential," causing them embarrassment and anxiety, the claim states."(N.

Under the deal that still requires final court approval, Standard Innovation will pay Americans who bought its We-Vibe sex toy before Sept. Users who controlled the vibrator via its We-Connect application will get up to US,000 each, although the actual amounts in both cases are likely to be much lower.

The company, which denies any wrongdoing, will also have to destroy much of the personal data it had collected through the app.

The million is the full amount of the company's insurance, court records show.The data includes time and date of use, the user-selected vibration intensity level and pattern and the temperature of the device, according to court documents.While the exact number of users is unknown, company records indicate about 300,000 people bought a Bluetooth enabled We-Vibe product and more than 100,000 downloaded and used the app, an affidavit by the plaintiffs' lawyer, Eve-Lynn Rapp, states.A former Ottawa taxi driver who was convicted of sexual assault after grabbing a female passenger and kissing her in his cab had his sentence overturned by the Superior Court of Justice after the original judge cited the man’s religion and skin colour, and the case’s impact on the Sikh community in his ruling.Justice Peter Coulson found Jatinder Singh guilty in November 2013 and sentenced him to 30 days in jail, followed by one year of probation, and put him on the national sex offender registry for 10 years. The woman testified she got in the cab after a Halloween party in 2012 and was assaulted after she paid her fare.

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His lawyer, Solomon Friedman, who did not represent him at trial, alleged the judge “applied irrelevant and discriminatory considerations, namely the race, religion and skin colour of the appellant, in passing sentence.”Using the judge’s own reasoning, had Singh been a white-skinned Christian, he would have received a lesser sentence, Friedman argued.

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